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Bring all your communication together and schedule meetings. Send SMS, Email and Notifications.

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A super-easy way to manage your Roster and enrollment data securely through web or mobile. Staff, Branch, Class, Student Info management.

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One click attendance for both staff and students, Class check In/Out and Attendance Report. School center logbook maintained for activity audits.

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Kiddyfox events, Parent teacher meeting, Holidays, etc. Automated reminders to ensure no dates are forgotten.

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Mobile payments And Billing

Create and share invoices. Easy cashless payments for school fees, activity, event and trip payments.

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Share students' achievements with parents in our awesome templates.

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Bring all your communication together, giving everyone a shared view where communication is organized,sorted and accessible easily.

Notifications/SMS/Email integration

Live Chat

Notice and Circulars

Scheduling Meetings

Billing & Payments

Create recurring or attendance plans.

Automated calculations of all charges including late fees.

  • Create and Send invoices
  • Payments Reminders
  • Online Payments
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Classroom Features

From assignments to classwork collaboration, Daycare helps you bring your classroom together in more simpler way by using just an app.

  • Send homework
  • Schedule class events
  • Motivation with badges
  • Learning clarifications, discussion

Attendance for Staff and Students

Daycare includes check in/out time features that support an unlimited number of children, staff members and contacts per family. You increase the accuracy of attendance records and save time on administration.

  • Student Attendance
  • Staff Attendance
  • Check in/out
  • Attendance Report
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Daily Activity Tracking

Whether it's capturing daily activities, messaging or sending rich newsletters through our app, your staff and parents will love the experience using our simple easy-to-use app.

  • Learnings
  • Medicine/Health
  • Badges/Achievements
  • Nap/Play Time
  • Photo/Album

Security, Privacy & Access control

A super-easy way to manage your roster and enrollment data securely through web or mobile.

  • Class Management
  • Branch Management
  • Staff Management
  • Student Info Management
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