One Simple Platform To Run Your Daycare...!!!

Kiddyfox is an application designed exclusively for daycare and pre-school institutes.
It helps in simplifying the complex task, like assigning the classes to teachers, activity tracking & reporting.
It also enables doing a repetitive task like sending notifications and messages to parents at one single click.

Our application Kiddyfox is flexible & helps to manage day-to-day requirements and critical tasks at your fingertips.
It makes sure that Parents/Guardian do not miss any important information regarding their ward
and helps the Institution to be aware and updated about the same.

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Kiddyfox Daycare improve your business

Kiddyfox Management

A super-easy way to manage your roster and enrollment data securely through web or mobile.

Branch Management – Coordinate operations across location more easily as you review information by location for your whole business.
Staff Management – Help your staff members stay organized with online schedules. They view times and dates of shifts and meetings you expect them to attend.
Class Management – Manage easily the scheduling of classes without any hassle.


Brings all your communication together, giving everyone a shared view where communication is organized, sorted and accessible easily.

Notification/SMS/Email integration - Communicate like never before with a simple chat. For emergencies send SMS alerts.
Leave application for students- Easily apply for the leave adding information about the reason for leave.
Live Chat – Allows chat between admin or principal-teacher and teacher-parents.


Day-Care includes a check in/out time features that supports an unlimited number of children, staff members and contacts per family.

Staff Attendance – Don't have to manually calculate the hours! Visualize the staff clock-in data on a dashboard and pull customizable reports.
Student Attendance – No need to remember the names of children! Now you can mark them present digitally with one touch on their profile picture.
Attendance Report – Download the attendance report as per your requirement.

Payments & Billing

Create recurring or attendance plans. Automated calculations of all charges including late fees.

Payments Reminders – Automated reminders of fee payments to parents. Mobile payment, online payment, etc.
Create & share invoices – Easily calculate & create invoices and share them with parents.
Online Payments – Do fast & secure payment using online/mobile payment option.