Billing & Payment Processing

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Student-Based Billing

Billing for childcare can be complex. You might have different rates based on age. Some students might have lower grandfathered rates. Other students could be splitting charges between parents or a government agency. Plus, you might offer discounts to parents who prepay. Add to all of that keeping track of charges like late pick-up fees. It can feel like the administrative side of billing is a fulltime job for a Kiddyfox manager.

The online check in/out clock helps you track attendance automatically, so it’s easy to charge late fees and hourly or daily rates based on real attendance. Splitting tuition between family members or agencies is easy to set up. You can even create unique rates for each student or bill students based on volume. For example, you could have different 3-day and 5-day rates.


Keep parents updated about their accounts by emailing statements to them that detail current balances, discounts, payment options and late fees. Send statements through email or generate a paper statement. At the end of the year, you can easily create tax statements for families using our online kidyyfox management software.

Kiddyfox Care sends receipts automatically. As a time saver, you can charge all your families at once with electronic payments. You reduce time spent on phone and in-person questions by providing families with online access to their information and payment history.

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