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All-in-one solution through our web & mobile platform to save your time & money. KiddyFox is an application designed exclusively for day-care and pre-school institutes.
How it works: This application serves to Admin/Principal, Teacher, Parents & all other stakeholders according to their needs and role. It gives that extra hand to all of them to support all day care activities of a child in a very simple, systematic & trustworthy way.







There are other childcare software options, but we believe we’re the best software for childcare-centers option available. Why? Our dedication to meeting your needs—with valuable features and great support.

From our first day, the daycare team was driven by our passion for service, innovation, and support. We’re committed to helping business owners like you-manage thriving and efficient childcare centers. Guided by comments and suggestions from the people who rely on daycare service, we’re continuously evolving to support your business and childcare management. Kiddyfox was founded to advance businesses that support children.

Committed to your success

Excellent service—all the time

We work to create deep relationships with childcare center owners like you. Our team makes sincerity, integrity, dependability and attentiveness central to our core mission.

Shared success and values

Our biggest point of pride? We’re most proud that our solution helps you shape brighter futures for children, supports stronger communities and increases your quality of life.

Here to help

Our team is the biggest and most skilled in the industry. From onboarding to keeping you connected to the latest tools, we’re eager to support your business journey.

Our mascot represents our values

KiddyFox, our mascot, represents energetic, clever and naughty behavior of Kids. Fox stands for clever and hyper the way we want our Kids to grow.

Our team loves to serve and it shows